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How to take care TAMARU-Brand Accessories


Please take care not to soak in the water.
Also, sweat may cause change of color or sober.
Accessories are delicate. Please take care not to drop or knock against hard substance.
After using, wipe gently with soft, clean, and dry cloth, and keep it dry.

About the decorative part


The main decorative part of our products is made of acrylic resin which is comparatively heat-resisting, but please don't put it very close to fire or
in the place where temperature is very high.
This material resin has the characteristics to change its color gradually to yellowish one. Also, it has possibility to change its color in short period of time if it is kept exposed to direct and strong sunlight, and so we advise you to keep our products in dark places if possible.

About the metal part


The metal part of our product is made mainly of copper or brass. Coating is made with gold, or other which helps to add antique appearance.

About the metal allergy


If you know you already have metal allergy, we advise you not to use our products.
We use tytan for the post parts of pierced earrings which is said to be safe
from causing metal allergy, but there is still a possibility of causing it for some people. In such a case, please stop wearing it at once and consult your doctor.

About the repairing


Please contact us in any time. We will be happy to take care of any repairing of our products.

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