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TAMARUSAN's accessory collections are eye-catching
because they are so unique and gorgeous.

You will be surprised by the items beautiful color and brightness,
which are not at all inferior to precious jewelry or metal.

TAMARUSAN is a two-sisters business. We make every item by hand, so it is one-of-a-kind!!
The jewel stone parts are made with acrylic resin. We trap various
materials in clear resin such as hand-drawing, embroidery and beads.

Our concepts are to offer something beyond the bounds of accessories which
attract everyone regardless of age or sex, and something we feel we want to
wear ourselves.

Yukiko & Mikako Tamaru.
Born in Tokyo Japan. As grown up by the parents who like handwork, we also
liked making things, sewing or knitting ever since we could remember. In 1995,
after experiences of a company worker and a stylist, sisters started
retailing of handmade accessories. On September 1, 1998, opened
"TAMARUSAN" flagship shop in Shibuya, most exciting town in central Tokyo.

:::::Corporate summary:::::
Company name: Tamaru Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Head Office address: 4-3-26, nakamachi, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
Foundation: April 14, 1997
Capital: 3 million yen
Representative: Mikako Tamaru
Business description: Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and retailing of
jewelries and accessories
Exhibitions: Participate twice a year in Premiere Classe in Paris


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